1. I have never done yoga before what class should I choose?

Our classes are accessible to all levels of yoga experience however below is a guide that may be helpful when selecting your classes:

Vinyasa flow: a dynamic athletic practice that will get your heart rate up.  The class is largely dynamic with some soothing stretches and yin asanas to take you into the svasana.

Hatha flow: a slow flow class that gently flows from one asana to the next.  This class will get your glow on and the asanas are held for slightly longer than vinyasa.  Think of a slow dance.

Yin/Yang Flow: This is great for all levels, with half the class being yang asanas which may take a gentle dynamic flow, and the other half of class being more yin focussed, holding asanas gently for longer periods.

Yin: Yin classes are accessible to everyone, a very gentle practice where you use props e.g. bolsters, blocks and blankets to support you in asanas so that you can comfortably be at your edge for some time.  Most of the asanas will be held for up to 3-5 minutes.  Yin will leave you feeling very relaxed and zen.

View our full timetable of classes here.


2. How do I book a class?

View our full timetable of classes and book online here . Or download and use the MindBody App here.


3. How do I find the timetable?

View our full timetable of classes here.


4. Can I just turn up or do I need to book?

Yes you can just turn up, however it won’t guarantee you a space.  As we are still growing it’s not too much of an issue at this time, however to be doubly sure you get your spot we advise you book in advance through the MindBody App or directly online here.


5. Do I need my own mat?

We have our own mats but we strongly recommend that you bring your own mat.  We sell the lovely Valka cork yoga mats in our studio for $120 each. They are natural rubber and organic cork, antimicrobial and anti-slip.  I’ve had mine for years and I love it!  Wouldn’t go anywhere without it.


6. What facilities do you have?

We have 2 changing rooms and a toilet and cubbyholes for you to store your belongings.


7. Can I pay in cash or via card in store?

Yes!  We take cash and we have eftpos facilities in the studio.


8. What do I wear for yoga?

Wear what you feel most comfy and free to move in.  My preference is loose pants or a yoga legging so that I have no restrictions when I move.  Layers can be helpful so that you are cool when practicing and have warmth for svasana.  We provide cosy blankets for svasana.


9. What pricing options are available to me?

You can view our prices here, also listed below. 

Intro Offer - one month unlimited $65 - Great if you are new to the studio (only valid for new clients)

Intro Offer 2 People - one month unlimited $130 - Ideal for couples or for parent and child wanting to try our classes (only valid for new clients)

Casual class $22 - Ideal for a drop in class

10 Trip Pass $190 - Perfect for those who like a weekly practice.

One month unlimited pass $159 - Paid by direct debit each month and ideal if you take regular practice.

Student Casual $19 - Please have your valid ID with you when you come to class.

Student Unlimited One Month pass $129 - Please have your valid ID with you when you come to class.

Private Classes $100 per hour - For those wanting a one to one session focussing on specific needs. Email kiaora@nowyoga.nz to book your private session.

Gift vouchers available - Nothing like an experience for a  great gift.  Please email us if you would like a gift voucher.  

Annual Membership $1300 - Unlimited yoga all year! Paid in full in one payment.  You can pause this membership up to three times a year if you take a break for 10 days or more. Tell us in advance and we can arrange this for you. As a member you will be entitled to 10% of all events and merchandise.  See terms and conditions for more information.

Annual Membership Terms and Conditions

  • Annual memberships cannot be shared and are not transferable.
  • Annual memberships are non-refundable.
  • Annual memberships may be paused if you are away for 10 consecutive days or more for a maximum period of up to 4 weeks. This must be arranged a minimum of 2 weeks in advance with the studio where reasonably possible. 
  • It is the members responsibility to know when their annual membership expires.  Ask one of our staff to check this for you at any time.
  • Purchasing an annual membership requires up front payment in full.
  • Annual membership holders will receive 10% of all events and merchandise.
  • In the event the studio needs to be closed due to COVID19, all annual memberships will be put on hold for that set period of time and be aligned with Government instructions.


10. Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes we do.  You can buy these via phone or coming into the store and we can activate an account online for you.