This week you will notice a few changes to the timetable, this is because I have finally succumbed to covid; so you won't see me around this week.  I will be back on board asap.  Take care and apologies for any inconvenience for the timetable changes.  We will be back to normal next week.  Mā te wā

Hatha & Hatha Flow

A gentle flowing class where we hold the asanas a little longer than we typically would in vinyasa flow so that the class is less athletic and more nourishing.  A great all round class that will leave the body and the mind connected and soothed.

12:15pm - 1:00pm

A gentle hatha flow class that will get you away from your office so that you can take some time out and re-charge, which will help you to get through the afternoon.  Suitable for all levels.  Book here