Beginner Series 2022

Starting Thursday 24 February 7pm-8.30pm and run for 8 weeks and we have limited the spaces to 12.

It will be an excellent series introducing you to; Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Yin yoga over the 8 weeks.  The 8 weeks will give you an excellent foundation to build your practice.  We are also including 2 classes a week that you are welcome to attend so that you can put your learnings into practice and build your confidence and get more familiar with the asanas.  We will do pranayama work in all the classes and there will be some meditation too.  We are really looking forward to it and you can secure a place by either booking via MindBody or you can connect with me directly and we can do it via a bank transfer, it's over to you.

The 8 weeks costs $239 and as I mentioned earlier this also includes 2 yoga classes a week on the timetable, for the 8 weeks duration and this will give you the opportunity to cement your practice.  You can always join the classes online. The beginner series will be held in the studio.